eRrivals is working to keep us all safe.

eRrivals app works primarily on all mobile devices and contains a computer “dashboard” for business owner access. Below are the simple steps that outlines the app’s functions.


When a business subscribes to the eRrivals app service, the business location will be added to the location drop down all customers can use to select locations. A customer can access unlimited locations.


Customers download the eRrivals app from Apple’s Apple Store or Google’s Google Play Store. Once installed on a mobile device, customer select the business they wish to access via the business list drop down.


Customers use the app to register profile information. The selected location by the customer connects the customer to that specific business and allows the customer to begin the screening process.


Customers answer the mandated questions and submit. The business owner or admin then receives a request that the customer is waiting to enter the premise. If the customer has answered the Covid questions with the correct responses, the business owner is notified that the customer is clear and is ready to enter the premise.


Customers will receive a push notification on whether their answered questions meeting the Covid safe criteria. Customers are then either granted access to enter the premise or denied access depending on the results of the questions.


Each Business Owner has special admin access to review and download customer visits for contact tracing if needed. Upon login, app admins can view visits to get a daily, weekly, or monthly snap shot of visitors.

The computer admin access features an export feature that downloads a csv file with visitor contact information for contact tracing.